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The coach therapist

Thibault Verbiest coach par Mechaa Fact ©

For the last fifteen years or so, I've devoted myself to studying the human soul, our multi-dimensional complexity and the paths to healing and spiritual development. 


My own experience was my first field of study, and over time it became clear to me that I needed to share the teachings I had received. So I offer my help to those who feel the need on their personal journey.


My toolbox is eclectic, the fruit of my explorations and training in various fields. 


Holistic Coaching and Personal Development


I initially trained in the classic coaching tools, certified by the Creacoach and BAO schools, in order to offer structured support on both a personal and professional level. Accredited as a business coach by AWEX, my approach is also enriched by certifications from EMCC and the Institute of Neurocognitivism for neurocognitive and behavioural analysis.


To enrich my toolbox, I have trained in other methodologies such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the dynamic spiral and the enneagram. I also draw on integral coaching, inspired by the innovative work of Ken Wilber and Richard Verboomen (Now1).


Energy Care


I've seen time and time again how useful energetic support can be as part of a process of personal development. 


That's why I became a certified Reiki Master practitioner, and more recently LaHoChi, a gentle, light-healing energy treatment protocol.




I embrace the principles of non-duality, drawing on the ancient wisdom of Advaita Vedanta and the Peace Evolution method, and I complement my range of skills with elements of shamanism, creating a unique synergy in my therapeutic approach.


The Physics of Consciousness


My journey would not be complete without mentioning my involvement with the physicist Nassim Haramein ( Working with Nassim is a constant source of inspiration and a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things.


Philosophy of Practice


Contrary to the traditional view of the role of coach or therapist, I don't see myself as a healer facing a 'patient'. Rather, I believe in opening up a space of unconditional acceptance where every interaction is an opportunity for mutual evolution and learning. It is in this perpetual movement of exchange and sharing that we rise together, in harmony with the flow of life.





"I was lucky enough to receive a treatment from Thibault at a difficult time in my life. Through the energies he passed on to me, Thibault helped me to move gently through an important period. Thanks to Thibault, I experienced a profound inner transformation. He reconnected me to my sacred feminine through his mastery, gentleness, accuracy and the sacred chant he sang. I felt a strong soul-to-soul connection and a profound healing of the wounds within my soul, an inner rebirth. Thibault practices with love and kindness. I recommend him without hesitation. “


Anne T.



"My coaching experience with Thibault was extraordinary! Far beyond the 'strategic' approach I'd used him for as a coach, I discovered that his approach was fascinating, sometimes confronting but always enriching... and so very caring. In the end, it was a real human 'journey', which more than exceeded any expectations I might have had, and I'm still extremely grateful to him for having been there for me: I gained in insight, effectiveness... and in caring for myself and others". 


Christophe G.


"Thank you Thibault for your shamanic guidance through the twists and turns of my mind. It was important to have a guide like you when it came to getting to know my deepest soul".


Marco J.



Except in exceptional circumstances, sessions take place in Rhode-Saint-Genèse (Belgium).

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