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The author

Thibault Verbiest ( Clin d'oeil à Victor Hugo ) par Mechaa Fact ©

Over the years, I have developed a passion for writing, which has become my creative outlet. My first works were legal books, and I then broadened my literary horizons by writing novels, with already two publications to my credit and two more in progress (Editions Ariane).

Alongside fiction, I write essays exploring technology, the social sciences, history, philosophy and spirituality. 

In short, all my writing reflects my desire to understand and anticipate changes in our society, and to imagine a future where humanity is more aware of its profound nature, potential and impact.


My novels : 


Amalek, a work at the crossroads of several genres, mixing history, geopolitics, quantum physics and Kabbalah: 


"In a Middle East in chaos, fanatical Islamists join forces with American evangelists to hasten the End of Time, in an apocalyptic plot that involves the destruction of Iran and Israel.

Nine soldiers are selected for a last-chance mission. A teleporter, based on hitherto unknown technology, is to send them to a secret Egyptian base to prevent nuclear hell. The commando is teleported, but the destination is not the one they expected. They end up a few kilometres from Auschwitz, in 1943...".


I am currently writing the sequel to Amalek, with two volumes planned (Ed. Ariane).



"Anna has it all, beauty and intelligence. By dint of perseverance, she has become a renowned Silicon Valley lawyer. And she has found true love. Overnight, she loses everything: her job, her social status, her family, her illusions. All she has left is her free spirit and her courage.

Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, a global game show, global warming, nuclear attacks, mass movements of refugees, Libre is a third-millennium thriller set against a backdrop of conspiracies and machinations to get hold of the work of physicist Nikola Tesla and its phenomenal consequences for the distribution of the planet's energy resources.”


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